Buy to invest

Balancing the return on investment, future capital growth and mitigating risks are all important factors in your long term prosperity. The Betterwaty Projects team brings all these capabilities into a single one-stop solution.

Save up to $25,000 on your new home

Icon Increase Profits

Increase Profits

Managing the investment amount along with the earning potential of the property are equally important to achieving higher total return.

Icon Achieve Growth

Achieve Growth

Our investment property experts vet and select each development site based on initial investment cost and potential capital growth weighted against risks.

Icon Manage Risk

Manage Risk

Understanding the potential risks involved in property investment is crucial to helping you decide whether to mitigate or accept each risk.

Icon Matching


Not all risks are the same for each property and for each investor. One of the most important parts of risk mitigating is to match you (the investor) with the right property to match your stage of life.

Icon Transparent Costs

Transparent Costs

From strata fees or water levies through to council rates, there are always costs associated with an investment property. Ensuring these are taken into account is crucial to your long term return.

Save up to $25,000 on your new home